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Michael A. Taylor

Michael Allen Taylor began his career designing, producing, and selling high end apparel jeans. His travels took him over multiple continents where he mastered sales and built a successful trade market for his brand.


In 1998, he went on to found Premium Passport in the local area of DFW. Premium Passport created an upscale direct mailing system that separated themselves from other direct mail pieces by referring to their "coupons" as premium certificates. Premium Passport, a plush certificate booklet was mailed to over 100,000 of the wealthiest homes in Dallas.


The book became such a hit, that 82% of women kept Premium Passport  in their purse.  Because of such demand, by 2004 he had over 15,000 members sign-up on the list of what was formally known as, The A-List. It was then where he marketed custom invitational email campaigns to all his loyal followers offering up to half off of a culinary experience at some of the most reputable restaurants in the DFW area.


Michael Taylor used this momentum to expand and be acknowledged as a well know digital marketing agency.


His expertise in selling techniques span throughout retail, dining, beauty, and home opened a new door of marketing . A new baby was born calling  Passport Media Works a demand in the Texas.

Hey, Dallasites, it’s going to be our 20 year anniversary!

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